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Etimaden BORON Matik Natural Mineral Cleaning Product 4 Kg

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Etimaden BORON Matik Natural Mineral Cleaning Product 4 Kg


Natural Cleaning from Borla

Modern detergents from Petro-Chemical products contain many substances.

The most important of these substances,



Whitening are.

Detergents are mainly used as bleach, two active substances, active oxygen and chlorine. The main substances used as active oxygen sources in the detergent composition are sodium perborate and sodium percarbonate. The main source of chlorine is sodium hypochlorite.

Boron compounds are a natural cleansing agent and have been used since the 1800s. Borax product is obtained from the boron which is removed from the earth without any chemical treatment. Borax; sodium, water, oxygen and bora is a natural compound. Borates; R & D studies are carried out in order to use the cleaning sector more effectively because of its features such as facilitating stain removal and bleaching, stabilizing enzymes, alkaline buffering, water softening and improving the performance of the material used as surfactant. Considering the drawbacks in terms of human health and the environment of detergents composed of petroleum derivatives, borax comes to the fore with its naturalness.

Borates are used in the manufacture of personal care products in many different ways with laundry detergents, household or industrial type cleaners.

The advantages of borate and perborates for detergents are:

Alkaline buffering and pH control,

Water softening (producing a complex soluble calcium complex),

To improve the performance of surfactant,

Prevent dirt from sticking to the surface,

Perborates have bleaching properties,

Enzyme stabilization,

To prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi in personal care products.

Eti Maden currently has four product types: Boron Boron Cleaning Product, Whites, Tiles and Tulle.

Carton 4 Kg X 5 Ade

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